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Everyone has a role to play in Serving our World!
One role might look different than another, but all are important! Check out these 6 Ways of Reaching God's World.  Will you join us in taking the NEXT STEP?


The first step is to learn. Learn about God's heart for our neighbors here locally and the nations of the world! Here are just a few suggested resources to get you started: 


Never underestimate the value and power of prayer when it comes to serving our world!  Every great move of God is always preceded with a great move of prayer! Here are some ways you can be praying.

  • Pray for our OCC partners and missionaries who are ministering around the world. 
  • Use THIS GUIDE to pray for Unreached People Groups Overlake has adopted to pray for and build strategy to reach.
  • Download Joshua Project's app called UNREACHED OF THE DAY to pray every day for an unreached people group.  
  • Pray for those who are enslaved, who have had to flee their homes, and those who are being persecuted.


Going, when it comes to service, can look different from person to person, depending on what the Lord has placed on your heart.  For some of you it may mean jumping on a Short Term Team, for others maybe it's joining a Local Serve Team.  But for some, the Lord may actually be calling you out to the mission field long term.  If this is you, don't ignore that nudge from the Holy Spirit.  Reach out as we would love to help navigate that journey with you! Email  .  


We cannot stress enough the importance of senders!  Perhaps you are not in a situation to go overseas. Maybe you're wired to provide more of a supportive role rather than being on the front lines.  There is a place for you!  The following are ways that you can help support those being sent out! 

Check out these Family Friendly Ideas to Raise Funds for Missions!


The nations are in our backyard! Right here in Redmond, Kirkland, Bellevue and beyond.  What would it look like for us to welcome and make disciples of the nations here so that through them the Gospel might spread back to native countries and families? Here are a few ways we can welcome the foreigners here.

  • Invite an immigrant family for a meal in your home.  Did you know that most immigrant families have never been invited into an American home for a meal?
  • Befriend an international student, invite them to share a holiday with you.
  • Help a new refugee family resettle by introducing them to the culture, where to buy things, how things work, etc.


Lastly, there is always a need for mobilizers!  These are the people who love to network and connect people to opportunities.  Here are some ways you can begin mobilizing others for service & missions.

  •  Invite people to join our OCC: Serve the World Facebook page or follow us on Instagram at @occstw. 
  • Advocate & promote through social media a particular cause, an event, or maybe a local Perspectives class.
  • Start a group to pray for the nations, our missionaries, or an injustice.
  • Invite someone to a STW event or to serve on a project with you.