Volunteer Leaders

We know that this journey can be very difficult. Our desire is that you would not walk this road alone. Please don’t hesitate to contact one of our volunteer leaders at orphancare@occ.org whenever you might need guidance or support.


  • Dominique Allen //single parent and relative caregiver


  • Carrie Blaske // international adoption, institutionalization, identity in adoption, enpowered to connect


  • Leah Cody // foster/adoption, parenting adoptive and biological kids, running a large family, caring for kids short term through Safe Families, working through a failed placement, addressing special needs of the child, autism, drug and alcohol affected infant care, FAS spectrum, ADD, ADHD.


  • Josh McQueen //  international adoption, church orphan care ministry, pastoral perspective on adoption/foster care, father/daughter attachment.­


  • Kathleen Hamer, MFCC // international adoption of siblings (Kenya), street youth ministry in Seattle and internationally, global orphan care, working through attachment and trauma challenges, preventing disruptions, reaching out to older youth from hard places.


  • Andrew Schneidler, JD // domestic adoption options, foster care, legal process of adoption, deciding which route to take when considering adoption, addressing fears and concerns as a foster and adoptive dad.


  • Liz Wisham // short term foster care, sibling care, preparing kids for adoption, caring for kids short term through Safe Families.


  • Tracy & Steve Wick //  foster care of older children and sibling sets, mixing foster kids with bio kids.


  • Jyoti Jacob // domestic adoption process and options, trans-racial adoption