Safe Families

OCC has partnered with Safe Families For Children ( ) to be part of providing a safety net to our neighbors in crisis.

Safe Families for Children strives to meet three objectives:

  • Child Welfare Deflection: Safe Families provides a safe alternative to child welfare custody, thus significantly reducing the number of children entering the child welfare system.
  • Child Abuse Prevention: Providing an overwhelmed and resource limited parent with a safe, temporary place for their child without threat of losing custody. By offering support, the goal is to avert potential abuse/neglect episodes.
  • Family Support and Stabilization: Many parents struggle because of limited social support and unavailable extended family. Many Safe Families Volunteers become the extended family that a parent never had.


Safe Families for Children expands the community safety net by providing parents in need with mentoring relationships and tangible support in times of crisis. Safe Families for Children believes children will be safe and well-cared for if families in crisis have a network of support. There are three main ways to volunteer through Safe Families:


Watch children for a short period of time… could be a few hours or a few months, depending on what you’re comfortable with.


A Friend who can walk alongside the parent in crisis to be a source of support. For example, you could meet up with the parent once a week to help with basic life skills, financial management, preparing job interview, etc.


A neigbor who can help out with resources like a crib, a bed, counseling services, haircuts, etc. Once you indicate your area of interest, we will enter it into a database called Youshare. This is like a Christian Craigslist, basically, where needs are posted and people who sign up as neighbors will see the needs in the areas they are interested in seeing and then respond if they want/can.

Stop by the Serve The World desk across from the Nursery inbetween services to sign up and get started!