Let’s Get Together

Whether you have already brought children into your home or you are just starting out on the journey, we want to get to know you. When ministering to families who desire to provide foster care or adopt, our team works to provide practical “next steps” that fit within each family’s particular dynamics and circumstances. We then provide opportunities for each family to find the support they need while walking along their particular journey. We are happy to meet with you to discuss the many options that exist for foster care and adoption. Be sure to email us at orphancare@occ.org and ask to be added to the OCC Orphan Care team. This will keep you “in the know” whenever various events and get-togethers occur.



Schedule an appointment with Michele Schneidler, Pastor of Local Orphan Care, or Dan Hamer, Senior Associate Pastor. Michele’s focus is domestic foster care and adoptions, while Dan’s focus is international adoption and orphan care. They are both happy to schedule an appointment at their offices located at OCC.



If you have an interest in finding out about upcoming orphan care mission trips, check out this link: http://www.occ.org/shorttermtrips/



If you attend OCC,  visit the Serve The World desk between Sunday AM services! The Serve the World Info desk is located halfway down the long hallway, close to the gym entrance. Someone from our team is there every Sunday in between services, and we would love to chat with you.


MeToo Groups

If interested in joining a group, finding a group or more info, visit the groups page on OCC at: https://occ.groupvitals.com/groupFinder and search for “MeToo” groups. Couldnot find a group in your area? Visit the website: http://metoogroups.com/ to find more groups or start a group. To find more info about Me Too group in the Seattle local area, contact: orphancare@occ.org.



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