Mission Trips

OCC’s Global Ministry Model Our global ministry model of mobilizing the church is identical to our local model. We would never expect churches around the world to do anything we don’t expect of our own church. While the realities of chronic poverty, HIV/AIDS, and limited resources create additional challenges in the developing world, we still believe that mobilizing the church to care for the orphans in its community is the only answer. Certainly the 2.1 billion people in the world who identify themselves as Christians can care for 15 million orphans!


OCC’s Special Emphasis on Street Children

The increase in the number of orphaned children who live alone on the streets of virtually every major city in the world has reached intolerable levels. These children are vulnerable to trafficking, exploitation, and unimaginable levels of abuse and neglect. Unfortunately, most churches and major Non-Government Organizations have been hesitant or ineffective in reaching out to this segment of the orphan population for a variety of reasons. While admittedly, some of these vulnerable street children can be the most difficult to assimilate into a healthy environment, they constitute some of the most resilient, creative and resourceful children on the planet. We aim to care for the basic needs of these kids and, over time, reintegrate those who are living on the streets into a safe and permanent family. For more information on the situation of street children in Africa, watch “Glue Boys”. www.glueboys.com

We are currently working closely with church, business and government leaders in a pilot project in Kenya to influence their desire and ability to care for their local children in need.

If you are interested in going on a short term mission trip, check out the upcoming trips here.