Meet The Team



Senior Associate Pastor at OCC and founder of Until Then, a non-profit that is passionate about helping street kids around the world. Dan and his wife Kathleen have 5 kids, two of whom were adopted from Kenya. Dan oversees the overall orphan care initiative at OCC and directly manages the global initiatives. Kathleen volunteers her time to lead global and local initiatives that minister to street youth. // (949) 400-6085



Pastor Of Local Orphan Care at OCC. Michele is a mother of 3 children, all adopted domestically through private birth parent adoption as well as foster/adoption. She was also a foster parent for 10 years. Prior to joining OCC, Michele served as a board member and then as the executive director of an adoption agency in Redmond, WA. Michele’s husband, Andrew, runs the Children’s Law Center Of Washington; a non-profit law clinic that offers low-cost legal services to support permanency of children. // (425) 702-0303


WENDY DENNIS – Refresh Support Ministries



Wendy has two biological sons and a beautiful daughter who was adopted from China. Greg and Wendy have been married for 12 years and have a passion for the orphan. Their adoption journey has seen many bumps and unexpected detours, but they have held on to the belief that this is the call that God has placed on their lives. Wendy is part of the leadership team of The Refresh Conference and is passionate about providing support, resources and tools to help equip parents in their foster/ adoption journey. (206) 818-5333 



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Andrew is the Executive Director and practicing attorney for Children’s Law Center of Washington, a law clinic offering low cost legal services for    permanency of children. Andrew has relentless passion for rallying the Church body behind orphan care. The Schneidlers adopted their 3 children through private adoption and foster/adoption and have provided foster care for a handful of children over the years.  Together with his wife,Michele, they have made it their life passion to make a difference in God’s kingdom one child at a time. 


RUTH GRAHAM – Counseling Services

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Ruth is founder and practicing therapist at Hope Counseling Centers. She currently provides client centered counseling throughout the Puget Sound. Her desire is to eliminate barriers that hinder a family’s ability to find help in the areas of behavior management, attachment, trauma, grief and loss. Her passion is to equip and encourage individuals on their journey of healing and growth.. Ruth utilizes Trauma-Focused Cognitive Behavioral therapy (TF-CBT) in her practice. TF-CBT is an evidence-based best practice-treatment approach for trauma recovery. Additionally, Ruth is a trained and certified facilitator of Prepare Enrich, a skill building program customized to each specific relationship’s needs. Ruth and her husband are foster/adoptive parents of 12 children and have over 29 years of expertise as foster parents for the state of Washington. In her spare time Ruth enjoys spending time with her husband, children, and grandchildren.