Foster Care



If you are interested in caring for a child through the foster care system or considering adoption through foster care, the 4 steps t below are required for both.

 Step 1: Private Agency or Directly Through the State?

You need to decide whether you will work with a private agency or go straight through the state. There are pros and cons to both methods. Social workers at the state will not want to begin the homestudy process with you until you have completed orientation and Caregiver Core Training. Then you will be assigned a social worker. If you choose to work directly through the state, call DSHS at (866) 958-KIDS, then go to Step 2. Website link to foster parent requirements by DSHS:

Private Agencies:

Listed are some of the agencies that OCC has relations with as part of Harvest Hands Alliance. But this is not an exclusive list and there are many other agencies in Washington which you can work with for the foster licensing. Many of these agencies do not charge a fee for their services but it is important to ask upfront about any potential fees at any time during the licensing, placement, and finalization process.

Other Private Agencies:

Bethany Christian Services (206) 367-4604

Casey Family Programs (206) 282-7300

City Ministries CPA (800) 304-2489

Hand In Hand (425) 374-2461

Olive Crest (425) 462-1612

Youth for Christ (206) 284-4446

Antioch Adoptions (425) 558-0921

More detailed information including points of contact, costs for services, areas of focus, and specific services provided can be obtained by contacting us at


Step 2:   Complete the Foster Parent Orientation Class – 3 hours

If you are going through the state directly, this course can be completed online rather than in person at:


If you are going through a private agency, check with them before completing this class. Most agencies have their own orientation class that counts toward this requirement.


Step 3: Caregiver Core Training – 24 hrs


Pre-Service Caregiver Core Training is a 24 hour course that is required for every individual interested in foster parenting, foster/adopting, or adoption of legally free children. The Alliance for Child Welfare Excellence provides all Pre-service Trainings. To see available classes and sign up visit

In King County, OCC has partnered with child placement agencies to provide a Caregiver Core Training course onsite on a quarterly basis. Please contact for more information.



Step 4: CPR/First Aid/Blood Borne Pathogens – 4 to 6 hours


Please be sure that your CPR/First Aid includes infants. If you are working through an agency, check with them to see who they suggest for training. Below are a few places we have worked with before and know that their training meets state requirements for foster parents.

– Keep the Beat //
  (free for foster parents)

– CPR First Aid Co. //
  ($30 per person)