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Local Transition

Locally, OCC works to recruit families who are willing to care for kids in transition (foster care) while the state works to find permanent solutions such as adoption, relative care, or reunification with birth parents.


OCC staff and volunteers provide practical advice as well as support to those desiring to provide short term or long term foster care. Please click for details.


OCC partners with New Horizons to care for youth who are living on the street (60% of whom are foster kids). In addition to providing hundreds of fully equipped backpacks each year, OCC volunteers provide meals, training, and other volunteer mentoring services to homeless youth.


Our backpack ministry, called iBelong, provides backpacks along with a list of essential items that a child might need on that first night after entering into foster care or living on the streets. So far, OCC has filled over 2000 backpacks for children in need. These backpacks are given to homeless youths or CPS workers who distribute to children when they first enter foster care.

Backpacks and tags are available at the STW desk. Pick one up, fill it up and return it!
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Global Transition Care

  • Theological Training

  • Vocational Training

  • Mentoring Through Local Churches

  • Training on grief, abandonment, and other behavioral challenges


OCC volunteers provide biblical and other teaching around the topic of orphan care to pastors and their congregations in hopes that they will develop a heart for children in their community. OCC teaches the local Church how to effectively and lovingly meet the great needs of orphans and prepare them for a life in a family, which we believe is God’s plan for every child.




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