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Local Prevention

We work to prevent children from entering into foster care or suffering from neglect and abuse in the first place. OCC wraps resources around families in crisis through the following ministries:


Biblical counseling services, support groups, and limited financial aid for rent and utilities are available for families in crisis. Mitigating the impact of a crisis can prevent children from having to be removed from their home and placed into foster care.



A 12-step program emphasizing 8 recovery principles based on the Beatitudes. This group, over 200 people strong, meets every Tuesday night and free childcare is provided. Participants become free from addictive, compulsive, and dysfunctional behaviors. Many children enter into foster care due to the addictive and destructive behaviors of their parents. Ministries like Celebrate Recovery can prevent children from being removed in the first place.



A ministry of OCC that provides a home for women who are experiencing an unplanned pregnancy. The ministry work that occurs at Special Delivery has resulted in women being equipped to parent their child successfully through education, support groups, mentorship, and assistance in becoming healthy, self-sufficient mothers. This care prevents termination of pregnancies and keeps children from entering foster care as a result of ill-equipped parents.



A nationwide movement to equip the church with necessary tools to provide biblical hospitality to families in crisis. There are three main ways to help a family in crisis: provide needed resources, mentor a struggling parent, or care for kids on a short term basis while their parent(s) work through the crisis.


Global Prevention

  • Clean Water Projects

  • Agricultural Assistance

  • Caregiver Training

Many children are forced to leave their homes and live on the streets of a nearby city in hopes of finding food and water. OCC works with communities in the outlying areas and assists with developing their local community by drilling wells, distributing seed, providing agricultural training, and educating parents and their kids on the reality of living on the streets.



OCC works to recruit families who are willing to care for kids in foster care while the state works to find permanent solutions....

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We work to find forever families or to better the lives of orphaned children in an effort to give them a hope and a future....

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