Who Are We?

Are we an agency or a ministry? The simple answer is, we are the Church, which is God’s answer to the orphan crisis. Although we are not an agency, we have an experienced and passionate team who is committed to educating, equipping, and empowering families in the area of orphan care and adoption. Most of us on the Serve The World team have personal experiences with foster care and adoption, both locally and internationally. We also have years of professional experience as adoption attorneys, directors of adoption agencies, and leaders of orphan care ministries.


Our team members are self proclaimed “adoption and orphan care nerds”, and can barely contain our passion for helping folks like you! We believe God is moving mightily throughout all churches, not just OCC, to assist families who desire to care for our fatherless kids and we are blessed beyond measure to see so many children find love, care, and permanence.


Our goal is that every person at Overlake and throughout our community develops a heart for orphans. If we can mobilize each person to serve out of the gifts that God has provided them, we feel that together we can make a huge impact.


We are happy to guide you to an area where your time and talents can be best utilized for His Kingdom work. You don’t have to adopt a child or go on a mission trip to help. There are plenty of opportunities for lifeGROUPs, young professionals, kids, grandparents, and everyone else to serve in some way.