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kids // ministry philosophy and values

Our 7 Core Values

  1. We uphold the CHRISTIAN values and beliefs of Overlake Christian Church and use these values as a foundation for our programs and care for children

  2. We believe that all children are entrusted to us by God and take that RESPONSIBILTY seriously, seeking to meet their individual needs.

  3. We value SECURITY and are diligent in maintaining the safety and security of the children in our care.

  4. We strive to build strong RELATIONSHIPS between children and teaching staff to create a LOVING environment for children to thrive.

  5. We value DIVERSITY and the wealth of experience and perspective that it brings. Every family is different, and we celebrate those differences

  6. We seek to build strong TEAMWORK, we work in collaboration with educators, parents and other professionals to meet the unique needs of each child.

  7. We aim to honor the importance of childhood by delivering high-quality programs with EXCELLENCE.

Ministry Philosophy

KidTown staff and leaders act as guides. They aim to support and further the experiences of the children in their care. Children learn best by doing and particularly through play. They should be encouraged to touch, feel and explore their environment. Free play is a major part of the curriculum. Failure, in the context of a safe and supporting environment, is as important as success and team members allow children to learn from their experiences. KidTown creates varied environments for a child to learn and explore their faith. Activities are varied and interesting with a balance of structure and freedom to allow for open ended discovery.

We believe that all children are unique and should be treated as individuals. A culturally diverse program is an extremely effective learning environment. Children with additional needs are welcomed in the typical classroom environment to learn alongside their peers. Accommodation to the physical environment and to the curriculum delivery and approach is made to allow their experience to be as fruitful as possible.

Children learn in in the context of relationships and we believe that fostering strong, healthy relationships between children, their peers and their leaders is a vital part of the classroom dynamic and contributes to the success of any planned curriculum or event. Children learn through play and so the curriculum helps develop and scaffold play to guide a child’s learning and development.Our curriculum is like a map that serves to direct and guide learning, development and discovery providing structure and support. 

Curriculum is developmentally appropriate and include all areas of development with an emphasis on the healthy development of a child’s social, emotional and spiritual development. Curriculum is often guided by the interests of the children and they are encouraged to take an active role in idea formation, research, implementation and discovery of new ideas and activities.

We believe it is important to guide children’s behavior so they can develop problem solving skills. We believe that corporal punishment, time out or withholding food have no place in childhood.We believe that leaders and parents form a powerful team and that together that team can be effective advocates for their child’s physical development, faith development and education. We believe in open communication and encouraging parents to take an active role in the life of KidTown.