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Together We Serve Around the World!

OCC partners with over 30 different global partners and organizations in 20 countries around the world, through short term teams, ministerial support and financial giving.  Many of these global partners were originally from Overlake! Here are a few highlights of some of the amazing ministries we are able to be a part of!  


Thailand: Human Trafficking

OCC works in Pattaya,Thailand, one of the largest destinations for sex tourism in the world, with an estimated 200,000 people trapped in the sex industry.  We work alongside our partners, Not Abandoned, to offer women a way out of this life of oppression through resources and job skills training. To learn about our work in Thailand, visit notabandoned.org. For more information on how you can be involved in fighting human trafficking, visit occ.org/human-trafficking.   


Kenya: Street Children 

Our hearts are broken for the children who live and die alone on the streets of the world’s cities. OCC has been helping vulnerable children in Kenya for more than 20 years, reintegrating children on the streets back into family. This is a model we believe will work not only in Kenya, but around the world. To learn more about our work in Kenya, please visit thekitaleproject.org or to see first hand the ministry, consider joining an upcoming Short Term Trip!


Middle East/Europe: Refugees

Overlake became heavily invested in the plight of refugees starting from the Syrian refugee crisis back in 2011.  Since then, we have continued our efforts to love, care for, and stand up for this vulnerable population. We've learned that many refugees, often coming from restricted-access areas, are very open to hearing about Jesus!  In partnership with our international partners, OCC is now serving refugees in Jordan, Palestine, Kurdistan, and Greece.  


Latin America: Church Planting

OCC has been involved in the work in Latin America for around 30 years now.  We have sent workers who have planted & multiplied churches in Chile, Peru, and Ecuador.  Now as a result, many Latino leaders have risen up and are now serving both within Latin America and among Muslims in the Middle East! It is so exciting to see the new trend in mission sending coming from Latin America!  


S. Asia/E. Asia/SE Asia/Arabian Peninsula: Unreached People

Our workers in these areas have labored hard for many years to see the the Gospel reach these difficult and unreached areas.  Many of them are taking on significant risk and tremendous sacrifice.  Although at times the progress can feel slow, we are greatly encouraged by how God is working and moving among the unreached.     


North Africa: Disability Centers 

OCC has been instrumental in launching over 30 centers to serve children with disabilities in North Africa through therapy, education, and a place of belonging. Prior to these centers, there was little support offered for the disabled community.  Currently we are in process of launching another center which will provide services for another 200 disabled people! We are always in need of Physical or Occupational Therapists to help with training for our centers.  Email  if you'd like more information about this project. 


Spain/Italy: Mission Equipping

OCC has been involved in the work of Monte Olivos (Mount of Olives) for nearly 30 years.  This beautiful camp and retreat center in Southern Spain is one of only three retreat centers for Christian workers in all of Spain. Besides hosting church retreats and camps, the ministry team does outreach into North Africa, hosts missionaries & organizations working in the Muslim world, offers training for Muslim background believers, and provides missionary training for Latinos.  In addition we are invested in a training program in Italy which recruits, trains, and sends Italian workers to North Africa!


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