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stw// Human Trafficking


People used for labor or sex at the profit of another, is slavery. We want to see it end.


Locally, we seek to educate and advocate with other organizations and state authorities who are fighting this rising epidemic in our own backyard. Teams of women and men have taken to the streets to educate masses in our Stand In Events. We have hosted trainings and network meetings. We have educated ourselves and brought awareness to those we know. By working with our Orphan Care Initiative in caring for teens in the foster care system, we work to prevent the young girls (average age of recruitment in domestic sex trafficking is 12) from being abused.

Internationally, we have labored in Pattaya, Thailand which is the hub of the sex trafficking in that region. Teams have partnered with Thai groups to pray, reach out, and work to prevent thousands of children from being trafficked and rescued, stabilize and empower 1,000 girls and boys to live free of the sex trade. Through partnerships and the start of our safe transitional houses, we are seeing lives changed and restored.

Get Involved

OCC offers a variety of opportunities to engage your passions, professions and skills to work on prevention, intervention and healing for human trafficking victims both locally and abroad.

Whether you are new the trafficking issue or have been around for a while, we want to encourage you to engage. We know it can feel overwhelming, but hope to provide the following as an easy way to take a next step:


Start reading and learning. Use the list below as a suggested guide to find out more information.


Start talking about it. Think about 2-3 friends or family members you can share your journey with.


  • Business Leaders – Consider using your experience to develop curriculum, offer trainingprovide coaching and structure, start small businesses, etc. For information on how to engage with our partner organization, contact .


  • Show up to something. Come to a trip debrief night, attend a training, meet a ministry team member for coffee. "Like" Eastside Women of Purpose on FB (even if you are a guy) for up to date information.


Serve the World team helping set slaves free in Pattaya, Thailand 

Books To Educate

Documentaries To Empower

  • Born Into Brothels
  • Call + Response
  • Not for Sale: the Documentary
  • The Day My God Died

Movies To Inspire

  • Trade
  • Slumdog Millionaire
  • Memoirs of a Geisha
  • Holly
  • Trafficked

Websites Worth Exploring

Websites To Challenge