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  • Sunday: 9am & 11am

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  • Sunday: 9am & 11am


MSM exists to help Middle School students LOVE GOD.

WHO? MSM is designed specifically for students, grades 6-8.

WHAT? MSM is a large-group program designed from the ground up to get students actively involved in learning about God's love, His word, and what it means to follow Jesus completely. Each week the services will be focused on ONE BIBLICAL TRUTH. Everything from the opening game, to the talk, and to grade specific discussions are all be focused on that main point. We call it MSM... "the service that requires sneakers."

WHEN? MSM happens every Sunday morning @ 9:20/11am in the Student Room.  

HSM exists to help students LOVE GOD.

WHO? HSM is designed specifically for students, grades 9-12.

WHAT? HSM is a large-group program designed to help students make the "Great Exchange."  Our goal each week is to see students "exchange" their sin for the righteousness that is found in Christ. We desire to break down misconceptions teenagers have about church and introduce them to Jesus. In fact, every week new students will have the opportunity to respond to the Gospel. As for the service...It is large, loud, and filled with energy. We believe that God isn't boring, so church shouldn't have to be either. However, the real success of this program relies on our Adult Leaders engaging in relational ministry. So expect to see lots of trained and friendly Adult Leaders sitting with students, chatting with them, playing games, and showing that they really care. We believe that if we can create this type of engaging and relational environment it is only a matter of time before students make the "Great Exchange."     

WHEN? HSM happens every Sunday morning @ 9:20/11am in the Student Room.

Forum exists to help students LOVE GOD.
is also a large-group program but this service happens every Sunday @ 11am in the student room. All students are welcome to attend (grades 7-12), but the Forum is designed specifically for the more mature- students who like to dialogue and interact with people & ideas.
Its purpose is still to introduce students to the love of God through Jesus, but the environment is more laid back & perhaps more intellectual. It's like an ancient forum or city gate where ideas and issues were discussed. We aim at a "conversational" environment rather than your standard lecture. Students are encouraged to speak up by asking & texting questions to the communicator who'll then take them on the fly.
Jesus still & will always be at the center of the exchange. There's great music, coffee-shop feel, dialogue-driven sermons, & a great place for students to enter a love-relationship with God that starts now and lasts for eternity