• Program Guide: Company name and contact information in program guide.
  • Event Signage: Logo on general event signage at conference site.
  • Website: Company logo on the conference website.



  • Program guide:  Half page company ad in program guide.
  • Event signage:  Logo on general event signage at conference site.
  • Website:  Company logo on the conference website.
  • Featured Sponsor:  Sponsor of one of the Refresh venues* based on availability.




  • Program guide:  Full page company ad in program guide.
  • Event signage:  Full screen company ad on main conference slide displayed on monitors throughout the conference.
  • Event Collateral:  Sponsor logo on one of the event collateral such as: (to be determined by Refresh staff)
    • Water Bottle
    • Staff T-shirts
    • Lanyards
    • Pen
    • Notepad
    • Chip clip
    • Beach balls
    • Back cover of program guide
    • Attendee bag
  • Website:  Company logo on the conference website.
  • Featured Sponsor:  Sponsor of the Refresh venue/s* based on availability.

*Refresh venues:  Friday Night Live, Play Therapy Room, Thursday pre-conference Marriage Seminar, Pampering Station during the conference, Mom’s Gathering, Man Cave, Nap Room, Speaker Hospitality.

If you are interested in donating as a company or business, or have other ideas for giving, please contact us at