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Prodigals Homecoming

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PRODIGALS HOMECOMING is a 12-step sexual addiction recovery program that brings hope and healing

As a Christian man, are you experiencing confusion and grief while struggling with compulsive and obsessive behavior around sex and love addiction issues such as pornography, affairs, internet sites, chat rooms, etc? You are not alone in this battle. Neither will you overcome it alone.

HOMECOMING is a weekly Christian based 12-step program acknowledging Jesus Christ, the higher power, as a personal, loving, and forgiving savior. Those who have chosen this healing path experience a powerful journey of growth through working the Steps and studying God’s Word.

Through this program, God works on your character and restores right relationship with Him and others as you surrender your life and will to His grace.

Start this week in the small men’s support group and share overcoming this common struggle. They are dedicated to confidentiality. They guard the anonymity of all who participate.

For more information about Prodigals International, visit their web site at www.prodigalsonline.org.

For time and location e-mail . or call 425-702-0303.