Are you interested in adoption but think it might be too complicated or too costly?

OCC is passionate about helping families learn of the various adoption options. We also work to dispel the myths that prevent families from moving forward. Hopefully, this brief overview of domestic adoption methods will help to mitigate some of your fears and concerns.


There are 2 ways to adopt children in the United States (domestically).
– You can adopt children privately, without the state’s involvement, either through an agency or independently.

– You can also adopt out of foster care through a program called “Foster/Adopt” or by adopting children who are already legally free to be considered for adoption.

 1. Private Adoption

A birth parent voluntarily chooses adoption for their child and then selects an adoptive family. A birth parent may go to agencies to find an adoptive family or may be connected to an adoptive family independent of an agency. You can find a list of attorneys at

 2. Adoption Out Of Foster Care

When birth parents lose custody of their children due to unsafe living conditions, the kids end up in foster care. Many of these children return to parents, some move in with relatives and others head toward adoption. As children move through the state’s foster care system, their birth parents’ rights are eventually terminated and then the child is legally free for adoption. Some families choose to adopt legally free kids. Others choose to become licensed foster parents so that they can take in a child before they are legally free and then be an adoption option once the parental rights are terminated. You can choose to be licensed for foster/adoption or adoption of legally free children directly through the state or through a private child placement agency.