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internship // what to expect


The vision of the internship program is about being fully engaged in a one year ministry experience. It can be summarized into three main pillars:

Fellowship - Personal growth happens best in the context of vibrant community.

Leadership - Leaders are both learners and practitioners.

Discipleship - Foundational to everything is pursuing Jesus and His Kingdom.

You’ll meet new people. Have meaningful conversations about life and faith. Be encouraged and respected. Be given opportunities to grow personally and to serve others.

What are the expectations?

As an intern you are to be an example in your speech, lifestyle, love for God and others, attitude of faith and moral purity.

Commitment: The internship at Overlake is a year long commitment, and interns are required to engage in ministry across several days of the week.

Services // Sundays 8am – 1pm There are multiple services and so many moving parts that require each intern to be at their best. 

Team Meetings // Mondays 3pm – 5pm We will meet as a team each for a two-hour meeting every week.

Midweek Program // During the school year many ministries have a midweek program that may be a part of your load as an intern (e.g. Student Ministries has GroupLIFE on Wednesdays and Caring Ministries has Celebrate Recovery on Tuesdays).

Office Hours // These hours (roughly 8-10 hours per week) are dedicated to accomplishing your specified ministry tasks. The Intern Room provides you with everything necessary to help you succeed at each of your ministry roles.

Large Scale Events // These happen at various times throughout the year. Strategic planning and teamwork are essential for success. We have multiple "all-hands-on-deck" dates throughout the year as a church and it takes each of us to lead these well!

Read this 2016/2017 INTERN GUIDE for a more detailed view of what to expect!