What to Expect



Overlake is a place where people come as they are, not a place for people who have it all together. No perfect people allowed! If you can join us, please know you can relax, grab a cup of complimentary premium Pura Vita coffee before the service starts and then participate as much or as little as you like... 

JOIN US THIS SUNDAY AT 9:20am / 11am*
Online Service at 6pm on OCC.ORG

*  Spanish & ASL interpretation provided at 11 am


Here's what will happen during the service:

1. The music will start and someone will say HELLO
2. Our band will play some good tunes (probably kind of loud)
3. A pastor will talk about what the Bible has to say about real life
4. After some more music and someone will say "See you next week!" 
5. You will be honored and respected




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